Clarity for Self Compassion

Clarity for Self Compassion

Published: 14th April 2022

Clarity for Self Compassion | Escentia Empowering Leaders

A note on gaining clarity for self-compassion

The egg is the symbol of new life and regeneration. Persians first used eggs as a lucky charm – they used to give an egg to each other when Spring started. Today, eggs are still used during Easter, in connection with Spring when flowers bloom again.

This time of year is an opportunity to become clear, to shed the things we no longer need and to be courageous enough to define the things that we do – to gain clarity. Personally I’ve realised that I need to gain more consistent ‘me time’, in other words…clarity for self-compassion.  I, like so many, had lost those moments of peace where my thinking unfolded and quiet calm deliberation disentangled knots and complexities in my mind.

It was only in the past few weeks, that I really became clear again about the importance of travel for me – especially airports and planes. There is something special about passively watching the world pass you by as you sit in a cafe at the airport, or the bubble of peace at 35,000 feet, where ideas emerge.

We lost so many boundaries during lockdown, and the possibilities of them now re-emerging allows us to re-appreciate so many things that had once been our norm.

So, as you peel the wrapper off that Easter egg this coming weekend, think about your boundaries. What do you need more of or less of now and what’s your plan Stan to make this need a reality.

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