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Enabling Focused, adaptable and sustainable leaders in change – for individuals, teams and organisations.


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The opportunity is too great to journey alone
The opportunity is too great to journey alone

Tailored Coaching & Leadership Programmes

Our energising coaching journeys are customised to suit your needs and help you, your team or organisation to achieve your goals.

Measurable Results

Through assessments and feedback, we monitor growth so you can see the return on your investment

Growth Development

We’re here to help you navigate new opportunities and challenges, so you, your team and business thrives.

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We are experienced Leadership Development Coaches

A Wealth of Experience

Over 25 years as senior business leaders and coaching leaders, teams & organisations.

A True Commitment

Our clients know the great value that comes from healthy and high-performing leaders.

Wide Industry Experience

Our coaches draw on a wide variety of industry experience, skills and strengths.

What clients are saying


“I was reminded recently of the amazing energy and power that comes when diverse-minded people get together to learn, grow and share. Last week, I had the pleasure of being with my fellow leaders in the Pfizer IDM Biopharma team meeting in London. We reflected on what we have learnt living and working through the extraordinary circumstances of the last 2 years, discussed our future direction and worked together on common goals and challenges. People sometimes say leadership can be lonely, but I can honestly say when we come together as a team, we realise our collective power. There is always someone else you can turn to and often, you then have the pleasure of being able to reciprocate when they need a listening ear. I’m thankful and #pfizerproud we are now at a place where we can get together in person and experience that team spirit en masse, with colleagues I respect and value. Thank you Paula & Matt from Escentia Ltd for making it happen.”

Western Europe President – Pfizer

Find Your Escentia Leadership Journey


For Leaders

Designed for entrepreneurs, Executives and leaders at all levels to empower them to lead with greater intention, focus, adaptability, impact and sustainability

For Teams

Tailored group journeys designed to build trust, strengthen relationships and communication; maximising team impact and performance.

For Leaders


Designed for entrepreneurs, Executives and leaders at all levels to empower them to lead with greater intention, focus, adaptability, impact and sustainability

Executive Coaching for Leaders | Escentia Empowering Leaders

1:1 Executive Coaching for Leaders

A virtual programme for any leader

A programme designed for leaders with a growth mindset, who are seeking further growth on their leadership journey, at whatever level within an organisation. The programmes are tailored for all types of leaders. Outcomes and measures are determined by a three-way intervention at the beginning of a programme and the end, and when appropriate, our Escentia 6C assessment is used. Coaching that holds you to account and supports you along the way.

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential | Escentia Leadership Programme

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential: An 8-month programme

A unique, game changing programme, designed as a toolkit for busy senior leaders with significant responsibility and accountability for the business and its people. Join other senior leaders on a group journey of further growth as a confident and impactful leader in change. Enhance your business acumen and executive presence. Enable sustainability, to thrive during ambiguity. Leverage our coaches’ expertise to develop your personal 18-month development plan to share with your manager and organisation. This is an annual programme with a maximum cohort size limited to 15.

For Teams


Tailored group journeys designed to build trust, strengthen relationships and communication; maximising team impact and performance.

Positive, Powerful & Enduring Change


Our tailored team programmes take a holistic approach, through 1:1 and group coaching, and workshops designed to enhance team focus, impact, adaptability, trust and sustainability. Outdoor learning enables practical application and pre and post assessments measure growth and development.

High Performance Teams Programme | Escentia Leadership Programme

High-Performance Leadership Teams

1-2 day bespoke team coaching

Creating high-performing and healthy teams can only happen by design. This face to face and virtual programme is focussed on performance and sustainability. Using the best practices, we collaborate with you to design a bespoke programme that will strengthen your leadership team’s effectiveness – maximising their impact to bring out the best in their people and align with the overall vision and driving results towards the business goals. Escentia work with several tools to provide insight and, more importantly, business application. As much as possible we like to bring classroom theory to application and use the outdoor environment as much as we can.

Developing Sustainable Teams | Escentia Leadership Programme

Developing Sustainable Teams

1-3 day Bespoke Team Programme

Energy is the only currency we have and becoming a sustainable leader is critical to this. Our bespoke flagship team workshop is designed to provide a fresh perspective around individual and team sustainability, based on leading research in this area and a diagnostic tool to assess the resilience of leaders. This team workshop creates an exciting and inspiring journey, with a mix of content and unique experiences to accelerate learning, connection and growth.

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Paula Tully | Escentia Develop Clear Focused Leaders
Paula Tully
Matt Juby Executive Coach | Escentia Empowering Leaders
Matt Juby
Rosie Tompkins | Escentia Empowering Leaders
Rosie Tomkins
Julie Greenwood | Escentia Empowering Leaders
Julie Greenwood
Becky Barsellotti | Escentia Empowering Leaders
Becky Barsellotti
Ruth Simpson | Escentia Empowering Leaders
Ruth Simpson

Putting classroom theory into outdoor action.

Escentia Philosphy | 6 Critical Ingredients
Escentia Outdoor Workshops
Escentia Outdoor Team Workshops

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