Escentia 6C Assessment Tool

Escentia 6C Assessment Tool

Published: 15th May 2023

Escentia 6C Assessment | Escentia Empowering Leaders

Escentia launches the 6C assessment tool 

Empowering leaders, teams and organisations to lead with intention is Escentia’s raison d’etre. At Escentia we believe in enabling clear focussed, adaptable and sustainable leaders, teams and organisations.  With this in mind, we’ve launched a brand new and unique assessment tool that enables ALL of these parameters to be assessed in one tool.

What is the Escentia 6C Assessment

The Escentia 6C Assessment is a 360˚ development-oriented assessment tool designed to assist leaders with their professional development, in relation to our 6 critical ingredients for success – the Escentia 6Cs:

  • Clarity Being clear on who I am, what I stand for and how I maximise my impact and influence.
  • Courage Being brave to step outside of one’s comfort zone.
  • Congruence Walking our talk in every aspect of life.
  • Connection Understanding the power of others to expand our thinking and performance.
  • Coherence Being both emotionally and mentally flexible to ensure being both effective and well.
  • Compassion Caring about others and equally oneself (self-compassion)

The assessment is based on multi-rater feedback, sourcing constructive feedback from multiple perspectives, such as direct reports and managers, to provide leaders with a picture of their performance – highlighting key strengths and growth opportunities, which can be reviewed by line managers, or a coach, to create an impactful action plan for further development.

6 Reasons why the Escentia 6C Assessment is Effective 

  1. A focus on successful leadership behaviours –  our assessment uniquely focuses on ALL the leadership behaviours that enable leaders, teams and organisations to be clear focussed, adaptable and sustainable, namely: clarity, courage, congruence, connection, coherence and compassion. 
  2. Leader-centred – as leaders take more ownership of their further development, the feedback process is essential. The 6C Assessment allows leaders to take the same assessment as their reviewers, so that they can compare their self-assessment with the feedback given by their chosen peer group.
  3. A concise survey – our assessment tool is based on a range of survey questions, which quantitatively measures how well you (and your team rate you), against the 6 critical ingredients for individual, team and business success.  An essential part of the survey is also the qualitative feedback comments sections, which seeks to capture detailed stories and examples from team members, to provide context of when each of the 6 competencies was displayed, or not displayed by the leader.
  4. A focus on leader impact and influence – this assessment focuses on a leader’s key strengths, growth opportunities and shows the impact and influence that they bring to the team. These insights can, in turn, be helpful for further development by creating an actionable development plan with specific target areas for coaching and further growth.
  5. Greater self-awareness – through a mix of quantitative ratings from the team and rich qualitative feedback and specific examples, leaders will gain insight from their team on the great leadership behaviours that they already bring and highlight those areas that could make them an even better leader.
  6. A development orientated assessment – that asks for both quantitative and qualitative information to provide colour and examples of leadership traits in action, or that could be further enhanced.

We will be testing out the 6C Assessment for the first time this week, as we welcome 12 delegates onto our new leadership development programme: Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential. More news on this to come…

If you would like to learn more about the Escentia 6C Assessment tool and how it can be used for your team, do drop us a line:

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