Create a Focus Plan to help you lead and live with intention

Create a Focus Plan to help you lead and live with intention

Published: 5th September 2022

Focus Plan | Escentia Empowering Leaders

Get a copy of our Focus Plan today to help you lead and live with intention.

In the buzz of a hectic life, many of us find ourselves running from one activity to the next, with little time for pause and reflection. You may even be feeling pressured, exhausted and burnt-out. This is especially the case in our new virtual working world, where many of us have lost the boundaries in our lives which enable us the time we need to reset and recharge.  However, if we don’t take care of our energy, we cannot be a sustainable leader in life and work and we cannot be the best version of ourselves for our team, or our family and friends.

We’ve created a Focus Plan to help you to pause, reflect and focus on Self-Compassion – something we often take for granted. The Plan is a simple, self-completion tool designed to ask a simple question: “What brings you joy?” The Plan guides you to reflect on your current boundaries and to consider those activities that matter most to you. Drawing from over 25 years of working as business leaders and coaching business leaders, this guide will help you gain the clarity you need to deepen your self-awareness for self-COMPASSION – Escentia’s 6th critical ingredient that enables us to lead and live with intention.

At Escentia, we understand the importance of self-compassion and becoming clear and courageous about defining the things that we need in our lives, in order to allow us the time and space to be more intentional and sustain ourselves. We also know that writing things down enables a higher level of thinking and more focused action. That’s why we created our Focus Plan and we hope you find it useful.

Download your copy of the Focus Plan and become clear and courageous about the things that you need in your life which allow you to lead and live with greater intention.

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