The Escentia Leadership Journey

The Escentia Leadership Journey

Published: 15th November 2022

Escentia Leadership Journey | Escentia Empowering Leaders

What is the Escentia Leadership Journey?

I’m often asked about the origin of our name, Escentia.  It’s a Latin word meaning the process of becoming or being.  In the context of leadership growth and development, it’s about standing in our power so that we are being confident and strong, and are ready to lead ourselves, our teams and our organisations in ambiguity.

When we are living life from this empowered place, there is acceptance of yourself and others and there is freedom in taking control of your life. There is also recognition that self-care feeds us from within and is required to enable growth, and the inner confidence to be in our truth and stay on our path.

This is the essence of every Escentia Leadership Journey and everything we do is based on what we believe to be the 6 critical ingredients to enable team and business success:

Escentia 6Cs

Clarity – of who we are, our values and purpose; to be clear on our business, life and career goals and how we can further grow
Courage–  to step out of our comfort zone
Congruence – to walk our talk
Connection – to build trust and create impact with everyone
Coherence – to be sustainable and healthy on our long path
Compassion – for everyone including ourselves

If you’re interested to learn more about the Escentia Leadership Journey, get in touch today.

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