Being a Sustainable Leader that Thrives

Being a Sustainable Leader that Thrives

Published: 19th December 2023

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Being a Sustainable Leader that Thrives – part of our 8 month Leadership Programme & Accredited with the Institute of Leadership

Sustainability is all we have as leaders in work and life, and is therefore the perfect topic on which to end to our leadership development programme.

Earlier this month, it was a great pleasure and privilege to celebrate the completion of our 8-month Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential programme. Our amazing Class of 2023 joined us for our final module, and to celebrate the completion of the Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential programme. It’s been an incredible journey of growth, bonding, insight, impact and celebration, which culminated in the preparation of a personal development plan to help guide our leaders on their continued development. On completion of the programme, we were also proud to award delegates their Institute of Leadership certificates and membership.

“It has been a real privilege to have been a part of the class of 23. The Escentia leadership programme is diverse and thought provoking. Through positive learning, it challenges your understanding of the leader you are today and the leader you want to be in the future. Offering the focused time to work through ‘the how’ you will get there. A genuine career defining opportunity and one that will shape my approach for years to come.”

This impactful two-day event started with practical sessions on leading in ambiguity, by Resilience practitioners Paula Tully and Matt Juby. The session was centred around the key behaviours required to respond effectively to high levels of challenge, complexity, change and ambiguity, which leaders increasingly have to cope with.  This session also delivered a range of practical tools to enable a more flexible, sustainable leader to thrive during change and ambiguity.

“Loved the program! Practical and focused on really understanding the Leader you are and aspire to be, and a clear IDP to enable it.”

“Change, Complexity and Ambiguity will continue to increase exponentially, and this program has given me so many tools to cope with this and help me become a flexible and liberator leader in change!”

This was followed by an inspiring and energetic session, which examined the fundamental nature of leadership problems and the key decision making styles and assistance required to solve them. This session was led by guest speaker, Keith Grint, Professor Emeritus at Warwick University where he was Professor of Public Leadership.

The final day was led by Ruth Simpson, also a programme coach, who focused on the realities of constant change and transition for senior leaders, and effective strategies to manage change in a sustainable way.  Ruth has a corporate and consulting background, a Master Practitioner EMCC accredited coach, who specialises in coaching for senior leader transitions.

During this module, there was also time for self-reflection and the sharing of insights gained. The culmination of which was a delegate presentation and feedback session on their personal development plans – applying all their learnings along the way, and serving as a guide for further development. Delegates will also have a further opportunity to polish their plan with their coach, at their final coaching session in the coming weeks.

Lastly, this module provided an important opportunity to celebrate the journey together with our delegates, coaches and team, where we brought some festive fun to the evening event. Find out what some of our delegates thought about the programme in the following video clip.

“The program cleverly builds elements that, once pieced together, help to give you clarity on who you are, what’s important and the leader you aspire to be in the future.”


2024 Programme Structure

This annual programme has been developed by former senior VP at Pfizer, Paula Tully, whose intention and passion is to bring everything that she’d wished somebody had taught her, when on her own leadership journey. This group journey is delivered by an incredible multi-disciplinary panel of highly experienced Executive coaches and highly regarded guest speakers. The programme is also designed to take classroom learnings to the outdoors, so individuals can experience leadership in a different way, and through practical application.

The 2024 Programme will be delivered in 3 in-person modules (May, October and November) and with 2 virtual sessions in April, to kick start the journey, connect and orientate the group.

There are also four 1:1 coaching calls throughout the journey, with Executive coaches who have a wide range of expertise across leadership, business and resilience.

Module 1 – The confident Leader in Change

  • Gain clarity on the leader you are and want to become
  • Understand your impact and influence on others
  • Learn the power of the story you tell
  • Become a succinct clear leader with executive presence

Module 2 – Becoming an Enterprise Business Leader

  • Understand the role of Enterprise leadership and shareholder value
  • Enhance your business acumen understanding & apply this to a real-life case study
  • Be clear on telling an impactful P&L story
  • Deliver a compelling, succinct business narrative
  • Gain live feedback from senior executives on case study, content, impact and influence of the story told.
  • Optimally Coach and manage conflict in Matrix Management
  • Consider how we navigate complexity and make decisions in complicated situations
  • Own your career path and development

Module 3 – Being a Sustainable Leader that Thrives

  • Understand how you lead and navigate in change and ambiguity and manage transitions
  • Reflect on the power of positivity, confidence, prioritisation, connection, creativity structure and experimenting
  • Create an action orientated 18 month career development plan

Hear more about what our delegates thought about the programme in the following video clip.


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