Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential

A unique, game changing programme, designed as a toolkit for busy senior leaders to quickly give them what they need most to lead the business, people and daily operations, enabling them to:

  • further grow as a confident and impactful, flexible leader in change
  • enhance business acumen as an Enterprise Leader and executive presence
  • enable sustainability during ambiguity to thrive rather than just survive.

What’s Unique about the programme?

Escentia Course approved by The Institute of Leadership | Escentia Leadership Programme

The goal

To provide a leadership journey with a lasting impact, injecting leaders with inner confidence and self-belief, and equipping them with a tangible output to take their learnings forward – through to the creation of an individual development plan for the next 12-18 months.

The essence

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential enables clear business leaders that are focussed, adaptable and sustainable, and uniquely focusses on creating an aligned mind and body to become an intentional, confident and sustainable leader in change.

The programme

Delivered by an incredible multi-disciplinary panel of highly experienced Executive coaches and highly regarded guest speakers. It is also designed to take classroom learnings to the outdoors, so individuals can experience leadership in a different way and through practical application.

The assessment

Prior to starting this journey, and at the end, all participants complete the Escentia 6C Assessment, which is a 360 development-oriented, quantitative and qualitative assessment which enables us to measure leaders against our 6 critical ingredients for success: clarity, courage, congruence, connection, coherence and compassion. Effectively highlighting areas for further growth and development.

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