Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Published: 24th August 2023

Looking Forward | Escentia Empowering Leaders

 Living and leading with intention – Looking Forward

We hope that you’ve had a good Summer, are feeling recharged, and have found a moment or two for pause and reflection.

If you’ve been following Paula and Matt’s Camino Journey of Discovery, you’ll have seen that they are starting the final 100km section of their 800km Camino trek, from Sarria to Santiago, and you’ll have caught some of their own reflections and discoveries along the Way.

The hiking trail is a wonderful metaphor for life and living:

  • Choose your path – select your path according to your goals and fitness; whether you pick an easy, moderate or strenuous route.
  • Take drinks and snacks – to sustain your energy levels because it’s important to nourish yourself along the way, to be able to go the distance.
  • If you get a stone in your shoe, stop and take it out – take care of issues as they arise so they don’t become bigger issues and make it difficult for you to proceed.
  • Look up! – it’s easy to keep watching the path, but you need to stop and look up to see the bigger picture and to see the path ahead.
  • Keep going, even when the going gets tough – keep your goal in mind and keep going, even if you need to take rest.
  • Notice the little things – find joy in noticing the small and simple things along the way.

As the Summer holidays draw to a close, we are looking forward to a busy Autumn ahead, working with client teams and welcoming back our cohort of delegates in September, for Module 2 of our leadership development Programme: Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential.

What is Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential?

An 8-month, guided programme (from April to December), designed as a toolkit for busy senior leaders, to quickly give them what they need most to lead the business, people and daily operations, enabling them to:

  • further grow as a confident and impactful, flexible leader in change
  • enhance business acumen and executive presence
  • enable sustainability during ambiguity to thrive rather than just survive.

In May, we welcomed our first cohort of delegates onto Module 1, who joined us for a 2-day immersive session, which included both classroom and outdoor experience, where leaders became clear on their leadership narrative, the power of their voice and ways to inspire others, gain trust and become a better leader.

For Module 2, delegates will again join us in the Surrey Hills for a deep dive into leading a business, with a laser focus on enhancing business acumen around Earnings Reports, the Operating Plan and P&L – enhancing confidence in building and delivering impactful business stories.

The Programme Structure & Output

  • Virtual kick-off call to connect the team and share the journey ahead
  • Virtual orientation call to familiarise delegates with the tools used in the programme
  • Module 1 – The Confident Leader in Change – gain clarity on the leader you are and want to become.
  • Module 2 – Leading a Business – enhance your business acumen
  • Module 3 – Real Business Application – gain case study feedback from a senior executive and learn how to optimise your leadership potential
  • Module 4 – Being a Sustainable Leader that Thrives – understand how you lead in change and ambiguity
  • Output – Create an action orientated 18-month career development plan

Click here to learn more about Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress through Modules 2,3, and 4 from September to December… In the meantime, if you’d like further information about this course for 2024, do drop us a line today.

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