Becoming an Enterprise Business Leader

Becoming an Enterprise Business Leader

Published: 2nd November 2023

Escentia Leadership Development Programme | Escentia Empowering Leaders

Escentia Course approved by The Institute of Leadership | Escentia Leadership Programme

Module 2 Leading a Business – part of our 8 month Leadership Programme & Accredited with the Institute of Leadership

We were delighted to welcome back our cohort of delegates, onto Module 2 of our unique, new 2023, 8-month guided programme: Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential, which has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership.

This practical and immersive one-day session focused on becoming an Enterprise leader and on many important areas such as: shareholder value, earnings reports, P+L management and the what and how of exceptional operation plan delivery.

It was an empowering and engaging day of presentations and discussion.

The session was led by our guest expert, Frank Overtoom, a board level commercial finance leader with a successful track record in achieving business growth, strategic goals and performance improvement.  Across the day, there was also reflection on the power that delegates naturally bring as a successful leader in business, and those areas that could be enhanced.

The day was also injected with the important moments of movement and fun – an Escentia hallmark –known to improve sustainability of learning, memory and an enhanced state of mind.

All of our delegates said that they would recommend the programme to others, and here’s what our delegates think about the programme so far:

“Impactful, illuminating, rewarding, inspiring, fascinating, enjoyable,

and thought-provoking.”

Leading a Business Programme | Escentia Empowering Leaders

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential Progarmme | Escentia Empowering Leaders

“Its a course like  no other.”

“This has changed my life already and I am still eager to continue learning from this great experience.”

“Makes you truly reflect on who you are and what leader you want to show up as.”

“A visual and practical way to learn about who you are as a leader and how you can grow.”


What’s unique about the Escentia 8 month programme?

The programme is like no other and is built around Escentia’s 6 critical ingredients for leadership success; enabling focussed, adaptable and sustainable enterprise leaders.

The goal – to provide a leadership journey with a lasting impact, injecting leaders with inner confidence and self-belief, and equipping them with a tangible output to take their learnings forward – through to the creation of an individual development plan for the next 12-18 months.

The essence – Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential enables clear business leaders that are focussed, adaptable and sustainable, and uniquely focusses on creating an aligned mind and body to become an intentional, confident and sustainable leader in change.

The programme – delivered by a panel of highly experienced Executive coaches and highly regarded guest speakers. It is also designed to take classroom learnings to the outdoors, so individuals can experience leadership in a different way and through practical application.

The Assessment – prior to starting this journey, and at the end, all participants complete the Escentia 6C Assessment, which is a 360 development-oriented, quantitative and qualitative assessment which enables us to measure leaders against our 6 critical ingredients for success: clarity, courage, congruence, connection, coherence and compassion. Effectively highlighting areas for further growth and development.

Accreditation – This programme has achieved Institute Approved recognition by the Institute of Leadership – a professional body that supports improving leadership and management practice in organisations, for an international community of over 50,000 members. This means that our leadership programme has been independently verified as world-class, and Institute Approved for our delegates – meeting the Institute’s 5 Dimensions of Leadership quality standard: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration.

“Very inspirational speakers and team.”

“Being taught about leadership by a top-class panel of truly inspiring and successful leaders.”

“I really appreciate the time we have with our mentors, after time to reflect on our learnings, and the opportunity to come back together for more face to face sessions.”

“A great opportunity to connect with others in a similar situation.”

The Journey

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential is an 8-month, guided programme (from April to early December). It is designed as a toolkit for busy senior leaders, to quickly give them what they need most to lead the business, people and daily operations and enable them to:

      • further grow as a confident and impactful, flexible leader in change
      • enhance business acumen as an Enterprise Leader and executive presence
      • enable sustainability during ambiguity to thrive rather than just survive.

In 2024, the programme will be delivered across 3 modules, which includes: a virtual kick-off call to connect the team, a virtual workshop to understand self and others,  6 in-person sessions and coaching throughout.


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