Escentia Partner with NHS Sutton Health & Care

Escentia Partner with NHS Sutton Health & Care

Published: 7th October 2022

Escentia partner with NHS Sutton Heath & Care |Escentia Empowering Leaders

Excited to partner with NHS Sutton Health & Care

Escentia kick started the month by facilitating the 2-day “Big Tent Event” with the NHS Sutton Health & Care Trust, led by their leader Lucy Botting.  It was the first time they had come together in over 2.5 years – post the covid pandemic.

With 400 delegates represented over two days, it was a truly humbling experience to be a part of such a meeting and to hear the differences made by everyone across 30 very different services (children’s and adult NHS services).

The teams celebrated the many successes shown by staff during the covid pandemic and beyond, as well as acknowledging the many challenges felt during the period given that they were the frontline NHS.

This was also an important event in the Trust’s calendar, where senior members could present with Claritythe future vision for Sutton Health & Care and obtain feedback from their teams. The event also sought the Courage of the teams to highlight the things that aren’t working/ could be done better, and how to ensure Congruence so that everyone is walking their talk.

The large in-person gathering provided an opportunity for Connection across the different teams, and a chance to reflect on the mental and emotional flexibility which had been adopted, when working arrangements and patterns needed to change during the pandemic – Coherence.  The Big Tent Event was also an important reminder of the need to practice Self-Compassion, in a profession that is centred on providing compassion to others.

Sincere thanks to Lucy and NHS Sutton Health & Care Trust for partnering with us.

Note: At Escentia, we believe that there are 6 critical ingredients to enable sustainable leadership and team success – Clarity, Courage, Congruence, Connection, Coherence and Compassion.

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