Welcome to Escentia Ltd

Welcome to Escentia Ltd

Published: 8th April 2022

Welcome to Escentia Ltd | Escentia Leadership

Welcome to Escentia Ltd. I’m Paula Tully.

There couldn’t be a more poignant moment to write my first blog for Escentia. I am sitting in a hotel in New York, entering year 4 of running Escentia.  The main view from my hotel is the Pfizer HQ and I start to think about how many times I proudly walked along 42nd Street to enter its doors, working with the best of the best in mind and in heart.

ALL of those amazing people along the way, taught me so much about leading in business, leading people and leading in life.

It was with these experiences, that I decided to create Escentia, with its purpose being to enable individuals, teams and organisations to intentionally be the best they can be. My personal philosophy is simple.

Escentia 6Cs *Registered

Clarity – of who we are and the strategy or journey we need to take
Courage–  to step out of our comfort zone
Congruence – to walk our talk
Connection – to build trust and create impact with everyone
Coherence – to be sustainable and healthy on our long path
Compassion – for everyone including ourselves

I learned these through so many chapters of life and now Escentia consults and coaches using them with passion every day. Find out more about the Escentia 6Cs philosophy.

As always with these things it takes a village and I have so many people to thank for so many learnings along the way and the journey still unfolds.

We are here to always help and enable – just drop us a line and we can talk more about the Escentia 6 C journey.

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