The Escentia Leadership Journey

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I’m often asked about the origin of our name, Escentia.  It’s a Latin word meaning the process of becoming or being.  In the context of leadership growth and development, it’s about standing in our power so that we are being confident and strong, and are ready to lead ourselves, our teams and our organisations in ambiguity.

Escentia Partner with NHS Sutton Health & Care

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Escentia kick started the month by facilitating the 2-day "Big Tent Event" with the NHS Sutton Health & Care Trust, lead by their leader Lucy Botting.  It was the first time they have come together in over 2.5 years – post the covid pandemic. With 400 delegates represented over two days, it was a truly humbling experience to be a part of such a meeting and to hear the differences made by everyone across 30 very different services (children's and adult NHS services).

Welcome to Escentia Ltd

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Welcome to Escentia Ltd. I'm Paula Tully. There couldn’t be a more poignant moment to write my first blog for Escentia. I am sitting in a hotel in New York, entering year 4 of running Escentia.  The main view from my hotel is the Pfizer HQ and I start to think about how many times I proudly walked along 42nd Street to enter its doors, working with the best of the best in mind and in heart.

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