Focus Plans to help you lead and live with intention

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At Escentia, we understand the importance of taking a look back in order to look forwards, so we can intentionally choose for ourselves how we are going to move forwards. We also understand the importance of self-Compassion and becoming clear and courageous about defining the things in our lives that will help us be more intentional and sustainable. We've created two Focus Plans to help you - Download these today.

Back to the Future Focus Plan

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As the holiday season approaches and the year draws to a close, it can be tempting to rush forwards and plan for the year ahead – skipping past the moments and milestones that have led us to today. Without pause and reflection, it’s easy to miss those moments of clarity and courage, and to lose track of the things that we intentionally set out to do and have achieved. At Escentia, we understand the importance of taking a look back in order to look forwards – going back to the future.

The Escentia Leadership Journey

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I’m often asked about the origin of our name, Escentia.  It’s a Latin word meaning the process of becoming or being.  In the context of leadership growth and development, it’s about standing in our power so that we are being confident and strong, and are ready to lead ourselves, our teams and our organisations in ambiguity.

Escentia Partner with NHS Sutton Health & Care

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Escentia kick started the month by facilitating the 2-day "Big Tent Event" with the NHS Sutton Health & Care Trust, lead by their leader Lucy Botting.  It was the first time they have come together in over 2.5 years – post the covid pandemic. With 400 delegates represented over two days, it was a truly humbling experience to be a part of such a meeting and to hear the differences made by everyone across 30 very different services (children's and adult NHS services).

Create a Focus Plan to help you lead and live with intention

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In the buzz of a hectic life, many of us find ourselves running from one activity to the next, with little time for pause and reflection. However, if we don’t take care of our energy, we cannot be a sustainable leader in life and work and we cannot be the best version of ourselves for our team, or our family and friends. We've created a Focus Plan to help you become clear and courageous about the things that you need in your life which allow you to lead and live with greater intention. Download your copy today!

A Good Summer Read

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If you're looking for a a good read to open the mind this summer, that takes you on a journey of so many rich learnings of the past, which we can apply to the future, then I recommend this book, written by John Julius Norwich, a historian and travel writer who truly embodies COURAGE, CLARITY and CONGRUENCE.

A Lesson in Clarity and Courage

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Stay on the Bus! A lesson in clarity and courage. I started off the year reading a fantastic book: 4000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman and formulating my thoughts and goals for the year ahead.  The book related a story about a Finnish-American photographer, Arno Minkkinen, who talked about the secret to career fulfilment at a graduation speech.

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